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05-11-2013, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers845 View Post
You can't blame homer on this. If bob had a down year this wouldn't even be a debate. You make a trade/signing you have to just move on and be happy for the player. But homer isn't going anywhere if he gets fired he'll have another position with the team with the same vision in mind
I agree. I still think Homer had to make the Bryz deal. I hate the deal, but it was the only move left for the Flyers to do. They had gone with older veteran goalies like Sean Burke and Vanbiesbrouk, and that didn't work. They drafted goalies early in 95, 97, and 99, and that didn't work (well, Boucher worked in a backup way). They went with young potential in Tommy Soderstrom and Dominic Rousell, and that didn't work. They went with unproven goalies like Esche and Cechmanek, and that didn't work, and he went with inexpensive backups-turned-starters with Boucher and Leighton, and that didn't work. After the 2010 goalie flop in the finals and the flop in 2011 of the goalies, the only move left was to get a goalie who had a good history and who was in his prime. Bryz was the only option. The media and fans had given the Flyers flak for the past 20 years on goaltending; if they had gone ANY other route and it didn't work, Homer would have been grilled by EVERYONE for continuing to go down the path they already tried and failed. Now the Flyers have tried evey possible option and failed. Now Homer can start the process over again.

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