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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
do you want to go over the huge list of players that the Pens brought in so that Mario could "lead those 2 Pens teams to the cup?"
First of all, any Cup winning team has more than one great player, that includes the two guys you are comparing him to, Fedorov and Forsberg. Secondly, the Pens don't win either Cup without Mario. End of story.

Even with the 96 season, Mario sat out the 95 one and played in 22, 60, 64, 26, 59 and 76 games in the previous 7 seasons an average of 44 games per season in the previous 7 seasons before 96. he also missed 12 games in 96 so it's hardly likely that any GM is really taking him and that risk for my hypothetical one next season over guys like Jagr, Feds, Forsberg, Lindros, Sakic ect....
That would really be the only way Mario wouldn't be picked over someone else in the NHL at that time, but this isn't what we are talking about. I am not talking about the risks here, I am talking about who is the best individual player in the NHL at this time. Mario was that guy.

as for your last comment on Mario being an inferior playoff performer, I'm not sure what you are talking about there as he was, but he also wasn't Wayne like in the playoffs and his consitencey was also a bit lacking, like in his regual season play.

I was surprised to see that he was an even 0 (in 69 GP) in plus minus outside of his combined plus 20 on those 2 SC winning teams and only 1 of his other 6 post seasons where on what one would call not a strong team (89).

Let's not confuse total scoring or racking up of points as dominance, Mario wasn't Wayne in the playoffs either
First of all, nobody was Gretzky in the postseason. The closest would be Richard. Lemieux, just like pretty much every other all-time great has less Cups than we would like to see. Howe played in 5 finals after his last Cup. Never won a Cup after 27, never won a Cup without Lindsay. Orr should have won more than just two somewhere along the line. Mario had some magnificent moments in the postseason but in all honesty somewhere along the line should have won more. If you are comparing him to Gretzky in the postseason it is no contest, Gretzky wins by a significant margin here, but you're comparing him to Fedorov and Forsberg. Neither player was ever the player a 1996 Mario was even at their best.

You say not to look solely at offense but explain to me where in the world these two can make up this gap:

PPG - Lemieux 2.30
Forsberg 1.41
Fedorov 1.37

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