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05-12-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Hynh View Post

But it doesn't matter, lists it as 12.0. You might say you can calculate 16/133 as 12.03% but I could probably go back and count more shots to credit to Eberle.
Here's a simple calculation for you, let's say your at a hotel in Banff and want to go down to the hot tub. You have 100 beer and have 12 friends who each want one beer. Due to restrictions at the hot tub your beer must be in cups so everyone fills a cup with the 12 beer. But one of your buddies has an extra big cup and didnt quite fill the cup. He decides to open another beer and fill his cup then puts the rest of the beer back in the fridge for later. What percentage of the beers have been opened? Is it over 12%? Case closed

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