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05-12-2013, 12:53 AM
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Quiet a lot of Pittsburgh fans want Bylsma fired.

With the team he has available, he should be doing so much more. The guy took over in 2009, around the same time Torts took over in New York. For the rest of the regular season (25 games), they put up a sensational record, and Malkin single handedly won them the cup. Cool. I guess he did do something that year, although that's pretty standard with a new coach coming in.

Since then?
They've won the Atlantic the same number of times as everyone else (except the Islanders)
Made it to the second round, now twice, and never past that (which I suspect will stay so this year)

I don't ****ing care that Crosby was hurt, because they're still got the guy with more Art Ross trophies than him.

The whole franchise is pathetic, and is only competitive because they had the two best players in the world given to them.
They drafted Jordan Staal 2nd overall, right before Toews, Backstrom and Kessel. I'm assuming this was based on the fact that his brother won the cup that year.
They drafted Marc Andre Fleury 1st overall. Not just in the first round. First ****ing overall.

They're no different than the Oilers or any other **** franchises, aside from having the league gift wrap them Crosby and Malkin.

Sorry for the rant, but these ***** are just so easy to despise.

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