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05-12-2013, 12:57 AM
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I think you're going a bit overboard here. You could argue that the competition was less in Boucher's day with the talent pool the NHL was drawing from being a lot shallower, not to mention the seasons were shorter. Heck, the most games Boucher ever played in a playoff run was 9 games. Messier played in 23 when the Rangers won the Cup.
I don't know. I spent about 8 hours compiling my top 20 list and Boucher was nowhere close to anyone else. I created a point system which used a lot of different things, and assigned them a value measured against the frequency of instances where a NYR ever achieved those things. When all was said and done, Boucher ended up with 330 points - more than the 2, 3, and 4 centers combined. My top 5 came away like this: 330, 105, 101, 99, 72

Consider that since the NYR entered the league, a NYR center has only ever been named NHL first all-star 4 times. Boucher has 3 of those 4. Consider that there are 47 instances where a NYR center has ever finished top 10 in goals, assists, or points in the playoffs. Of those 47 instances, 15 of them are Boucher. Our list of centers have won a total of 7 cups, Boucher is 2 of those 7, and the only player on the list with two cup wins.

No matter how I was cutting this, Boucher always wound up severely separated from the pack.

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