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05-12-2013, 01:49 AM
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Returning to drop-in hockey

Hey guys, new to these forums, so I hope this topic is okay in here.

Anyway. I'm 30 years old, "grew up" playing roller hockey, and by that I mean I started playing roller hockey outside with friends at about age 8 or 9, with some ghetto roller blades. Played that for a few years until I was 13 or 14, at which point I joined a league at a local roller rink. Played there until I was 19, and I have to say I got pretty good. At least at the mechanics/fundamentals of hockey. I never had a powerful shot, I wasn't a goal scorer, but I had the fundamentals down, and I skated like there was no tomorrow. I continued to play a bit of drop-in for a few more years, very sporadically, but because of health issues I ended up losing a LOT of weight and was unable to keep up with the other people on the floor, so I stopped playing. When I was 22, I converted my awesome roller blades, which were made from a legitimate hockey boot and a roller blade chassis, into ice skates, and skated for the first time on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. After I got home(I live in Surrey, BC), I decided to try drop-in ice hockey at the local arenas. I wasn't exactly a great skater, but I got the job done.

Long story short, my health has been very slowly improving these past few years(except for this February when my stomach exploded and I had to have surgery, story for another day though), so I've decided recently to try playing drop-in again. Mainly my question is about equipment. I currently use either an Easton aluminum two-piece stick with a sherwood(I think that was the brand of the blade) crossover 21 blade(I really like the curve is all), as well as a Easton carbon composite two piece stick with the same blade. Question is, does anyone know of a similar blade with a similar curve that I can possibly order online. And also, can anyone recommend a possible replacement stick that will last me a long time because A) I'm poor and B) even when I have money I'm too cheap to spend money on "frivolous" things. I don't really like the idea of buying a one-piece, but unfortunately that's all anyone sells now. I've tried getting blades for my sticks, but I can't find them anywhere at the moment. I haven't really looked that hard yet for it, so I may be able to find them somewhere, but I figured I would have to buy them online. I don't really *need* new blades for my sticks yet, but I figured I would buy them when I have the spare cash instead of waiting until I desperately need them, want to play, not have them, and have to scramble to find something to replace my sticks. And if you're wondering why I might possibly need 2 blades at once, it's mainly because I'm an idiot and tend to break my sticks in pairs. In the past I have broken one blade and then literally on the next shift have gone out and broken my second blade as well.

I have other questions about equipment as well, but I figure this post was long-winded enough as it is, so I will leave that for a follow-up. Thanks for any future input.

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