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05-12-2013, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
What an uproar. Wow. And we knew it was going to happen as soon as this change was...finally...made.

Some of the response I read on twitter the other day in regards to this change...honestly....was embarassing. There's still way too many ignorant bullies out there. The past week really re-enforced that for me.

I just had my first son last month. He will be starting skating in 4 or 5 years. Who knows what kind of "size" he will have at the Pee Wee age...but...I'd like to believe that if he is below average size around that won't be a death blow to his chances of HAVING FUN playing the greatest sport on earth.

I remember what it was like for me as a 1rst year Pee Wee. I was the best skater and the best stick handler on my team. It wasn't even close...and a smaller kid...I spent most of that year either sitting on the bench watching the much bigger 2nd year guys having all the the little bit of ice time I did get...I was really just out there trying to survive most of the time. It was honestly terrifying and it did VERY LITTLE for my skills or my self confidence to be playing "full contact" back then.

Even worse...I am certain the ability for the bigger stronger kids to intimidate & over power opponents simply with the advantadge of size...was something that really took away from THEIR skill development. Those kids ( and their parents) were disillusioned at where their development & ability curves actually were...and...5-10 years later...most of them were out of hockey or fading to the back of the pack on their respective teams.

I think...player safety MUST be the most important focus and I KNOW this has been something theyve considered and evaluated for a LONG time. It was talked about 20 years ago. Its not a "knee jerk decision". Not at all.

As for what it does or doesn't do in terms of skill development...its debatable. I acknoweledge this. But I think its worth a try. It will take some time to get the new system perfected...but...Im willing to give it a chance.

Hockey shouldn't be such a "tough game" for CHILDREN to play. That part of it can come later...much later.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
As per usual excellent post and perspective on the matter. I share your memories rarely feeling comfortable enough on ice to develop my skills on ice. Too busy "surviving" as you state due to missing a timely growth spurt that occurred too late.

I appreciate your point that skills for both bully and bullied are impacted and its a point that while obvious, is rarely stated.

The player that can simply physically dominate doesn't really need to work as hard at skill development.
The question would be - when the size difference is even larger, wouldn't that make you feel even more uncomfortable out on the ice?

Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
If you can't recognize the difference between a concussion and a torn ligament than fine.

You call it trivialize. I call it prioritize.

The point still stands. You're willing to crack skulls at an early age to save some ligaments and bones at a later age by hanging your hat on that data.
Here I thought this whole argument was based on some data?

Yeah, you're going to suffer some head injuries - playing hockey it's almost inevitable regardless of what age you start at.

If you can't recognize how severe some of these broken bones/torn ligaments can be, then that's fine as well.

Whichever suits your argument I suppose

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