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05-12-2013, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Any good locally owned breakfast/brunch places in Edmonton?

I tried the 99st diner and it was about the equivalent to a Dennys.

The 9th st diner on 109st a couple of blocks south of Jasper ave was pretty good but I dont think that restaurant is around anymore.

Always nice to find a good quality breakfast place.
La Boheme is very VERY good. Hefty price but you can go there and order a brunch item as well as a fresh fruit/fresh croissant/fresh dessert buffet and stuff your face.

The croissants there are insanely good, I think the last time I went I had 6 before my meal even made it out :/

Originally Posted by armandh01 View Post
Bbq: Sloppy Hogs Roed Hus 118ave 104st

Italian: Chianti in Clareview, great bang for buck too.

Drift Food Truck is nice

My favorite burger is the lamb burger at Sugarbowl
I am a GIGANTIC italian food lover and will eat almost any italian regardless of how good/bad it is. At this point, however, I cannot, and will not, ever eat at Chianti's again. I ordered the Tortellini with the Creamy Parmesan sauce and I could've sworn I was eating tortellini with sweet donair sauce - it was disgusting.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
As mentioned, Sicilian pasta kitchen, Vons, Bistecca, Chop are decent places to check out.

I'm partial to Continental Treat as well on Whyte but not everybodies taste. Its old school. I still like the Sawmill as well. Definite old school feel to it but I like that kind of comfort. Not todays polished places and stark lighting and design.

Upper Crust is good. Nobody ever mentions High level diner. Good menu, great location, nice atmosphere. Chiantis, once crowded, is still on Whyte, still waiting. Not what it was, but still an OK choice.
I will say this too. Restaurants go in waves. Get good, get bad, depending on who's working. People have talked about bad plate prep and horribly served vegetables. Try Sorrentinos on Gateway right about now. Best vegetable presentation and servings I've seen in years. When you get a prime seafood cut and the vegetables rule the plate its amazing. I thanked the chef 3 times for preparing the sides as they should be. Rare in Edmonton. Place was empty, go figure..

For less refined dining and good value I'll always recommend Bulgogi house. Definite hole in the wall but good food, great value.
Sicilian Pasta Kitchen on the south side is amazing (not so much a fan of the one downtown). Not to mention that on Sundays they still have the pasta feast for 10.95/person!

Continental Treat has been a family favorite for a number of years - their goulash and schnitzel are amazing.

Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Olive Garden? Really? Sorry but to me that place is crap. The sauces taste like they came from a jar off the shelf at the grocery store. It's really fast food level food IME.
Olive Garden IS fast food Italian. All the sauces are pre-made, all the noodles are pre-cooked, all the soups are pre-made/shipped in, all the breadsticks are pre-made/shipped in. Everything in that place is pre-made, terrible quality, prepped for fast delivery, and it STILL takes far too long to get out to the table.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Is there any place youve worked you wouldnt recommend?
In all fairness, Normand's on Jasper has been a favorite of my parents for 10+ years and they're extremely picky about where they go.

Some of my favorites that I haven't already listed:
Louisiana Purchase: Was great cajun food (never had legit though, so can't compare it), great portions, a little more on the expensive side but nothing crazy

Il Forno: Amazing pasta, so-so service at times, owner is amazing, prices aren't bad at all

Flamingo's (87 Ave): Classic hole-in-the-wall that my family has been going to for 22 years. Service can be hit or miss but every single time I've been there, the food has been incredible. Awesome portions, good prices, huge menu.

Jumbo: I love me some Dim Sum and if I could go here once a week I would. Service is EXTREMELY hit or miss but the food always delivers and it's damn cheap.

Lan's: Incredible pad thai, incredible service, good prices - can't say enough good things about this place. Tom (guy who works there/family owns it?) is, simply put, amazing. The first time I went there was a party of about 40 for an end of summer thing. The next time I went back was 3 months later and he remember my name AND what I had to eat - crazy! Can't say enough great things about this place.

Dan Shing: For the most part the Chinese food is fairly standard fare but it's EASILY the best won ton soup I've ever had in any city. It's ridiculous.

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