Thread: Pre-Game Talk: 2013 NHL Entry Draft Talk II
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05-12-2013, 03:10 AM
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Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
Just because someone isn't cocky, doesn't mean they aren't confident imo. Some people just have different personalities.

Cockiness can sometimes mean they are stubborn and arrogant as well, which isn't good. I think there are a ton of positives and negatives to it. I'm just playing devils advocate here though, could be a good thing, could prove to not be. I have no idea

That's fair. I guess it's personal preference too, as much as I hate those players I mentioned, I'd take all of them on my team(okay, maybe not Marchand lol). Just seems like the cocky skilled guys don't get intimidated by bigger opponents and big moments as much, but maybe that's just me. And especially for prospects, where a lot of them have the abilities to become NHL players but just have to gain the confidence in those abilities, IMO a cocky attitude can go a long way. Obviously you'd want to avoid the total head cases but I'd really be higher on the prospects with a good combo of competitiveness, skills work ethic, and a bit of a confident or cocky attitude.

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