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Originally Posted by Sens Rule View Post
Orr was smart. He would not try those things now, because they would not work. Think he just floated around like a butterfly when he faced the Canadiens? Nope.... versus the Golden Seals. In fact it is legend that Bobby Orr held up some versus the horrible Western conference teams after the Bruins got a decent lead to not embarrass them.

The thing that is lost on many that think current players are so much better then those of the past is the one thing that can not really be trained or coached. Hockey sense and intelligence. You can have the most physcially perfect player. Let's use my Sens as an example. Colin Greening. He is fast... beats Karlsson in the the skating competition at Sens Skills competition. Has speed only hundredth of a second less then the record. He is 6'3" 212lbs. He can shoot. However relatively tiny guys like Lindsay, Henri Richard, Stan Mikita.... would have him for lunch. Or even non HHOF stars of the last 60 years.

Doug Gilmour was 5'10" and maybe 170"lbs and he would be a star in ANY era. In 1960 or 2025. Because he was smart and skilled and the most intense desire to compete. It doesn't matter his training or equipment.

Gretzky was so much smarter then everyone else that ever played, including Orr and Mario I think, that he would adapt to anything on the ice. An 18-30 year old, dropped from a time machine and given a month to prepare and watch and adapt to the current environment is going to be the leading scorer in the NHL. In 1950 or 2050. Gretzky was a genius. Beethoven wrote many of his symphonies after he went completely deaf. He could see all the instruments and all the music in his mind. I think Gretzky experienced a high paced NHL game in a similar manner. I don't think Gretzky could even really offer much explanation for how he knew what was going to happen, he just did. He reacted to it... every single thing on the ice surface.. the linesmen, the ref, all his temamates.. all the other team... were just innately comprehended. Gretzky didn't even have to try to think about it... it just was.
I think that is what happened when Gretzky tried to coach. He had all of this knowledge and could anticipate everything that was happening. But he couldn't find a way to get the Yotes to understand the way he could. Maybe if he had a mic and they all had ear pieces, he could direct every play lol.

His office was behind the net, not the bench.

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