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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
I don't know. Both and the Oilers' website list Eberle's SH% at 12.0%.

Sure, if you go to a 4th decimal point, you get a number that's greater than 12%, but nobody, anywhere, uses that many decimal places.

Just to give a little context to what you guys are arguing about, a guy would have to take FIVE THOUSAND shots before .02% would equate to a goal. Jaromir Jagr and Teemu Selanne (the league's two longest serving active players) have both been goal scorers in the NHL since the early 90's and neither of them have taken 5,000 shots in their CAREERS.

I don't have a horse in this race, and I don't really care who wins, but if I were judge and jury on this, I'd be ruling in favour of the guy who said Eberle didn't surpass 12% this year.
The bet was simple. Would Eberle's shooting % be better than 12%. He took 133 shots and scored 16 goals. So the question comes down to:

Is 16/133 > 12/100?

That is the bet, plain and simple with no ambiguity. The answer of course is yes,

16/133 > 12/100

I honestly do not see any way someone can dispute this. The fact that the website chooses to display only 1 decimal point is absolutely beside the point. These are exact numbers not estimates where the number os decimal places recorded reflects the accuracy of the measurement. As such using a rounding argument is completely disingenuous.

These kind of wagers should be for fun but if you are not prepared to honour the bet don't participate. JDD is a "numbers guy". He knows he lost, or at least he should.

Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Eberle's shooting percentage wasn't greater than 12%. It was 12%. Twelve point something percent, but not greater than any number between 12 and 13.

jaded, that's all I got for you buddy.

I think I can find you a few numbers between 12 and 13 that 16/133 might be greater than.

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