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05-12-2013, 06:43 AM
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I'm not ready to trade him and I was preaching patience last season when it came to MDZ, but the numbers above aren't great for a guys whose strength is supposed to be the offensive part of his game..

Lets take a look at those numbers...

This season MDZ #33 21 pts PP/TOI/G 2:38 38% of points on the PP...McD #41 19 pts. PP/TOI/G 0:38 5.2% of points on the PP. MDZ played 1 less game.

11-12 season MDZ #18 41 pts PP/TOI/G 4:11 34% of points on the PP...McD #34 32 pts PP/TOI/G 0:37 6.25% of points on the PP. MDZ played 5 less games.
I didn't say they were great, I said they were "pretty impressive." Whatever you want to label them, they are very good for a guy who's only 22. My point was, which I said, was that "we can't always complain about weaknesses and perceived weaknesses without also giving due credit for successes." Mainly I'm just baffled people want to trade constantly. We lose a game or two and trade proposals pop up. Its insane.

And to respond to what you did say, should I care if a guy scores ES or the PP? If he's scoring either way, or both, a goal is a goal. Frankly I'm impressed that DZ can score as he does with a system that literally is built opposite his strengths. And when comparing him to McDonagh, let's try and remember they play very different styles and also that DZ is still a year younger than McDonagh.