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05-12-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by goalsequalvictory View Post
Considering going to the game, any advice on either buying tickets now on stubhub or waiting till later to see if they drop a bit. They went down quite a bit from last night already, which makes me think they could go down a bit more before game time. 1800+ seats on stubhub, that should take a while to sell, so I'm leaning towards waiting a bit and checking in later. What time do people usually start to blow them out so that they don't end up with unsold tickets?

I'd say what we need to do to win, but I think it's been outlined fairly well over the last 3 pages. LGR!!!!!
I'm not sure I think it is 1-2 hours before the game starts. IF the prices have dropped since last night i'd get em now if I were you, why take a chance at either them being bought or too expensive....Since It sounds like you are def going, do us all a favor....ROCK THE GARDEN TONIGHT!!!

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