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Originally Posted by Hossa View Post
What is the age/DOB cut-off for Europeans and college players this year? Anybody have the answer handy?
Based on last year's rules, but with dates updated. If there were any changes to eligibility based on the CBA, they are not reflected here.

5. Draft Eligibility - General
Prospects eligible to be drafted include those on the CSB final rankings ( ). More generally, all North American players born on or between January 1, 1993 and September 15, 1995 who have not already been drafted by an HFNHL team (North American players with birthdates in 1992 or prior are Unrestricted Free Agents, assuming of course that their rights are not already held by another HFNHL team, and will be available to be signed during the Free Agency period that takes place later in the summer).

International players must be born between January 1, 1991 and September 15, 1995 (you can no longer draft overage Europeans). Simplest way to sort out if an International player (who has played in NA) should be considered under the NA or International draft eligibility criteria is as follows:

- If *not* already drafted by an NHL team, base it on where they played this past season
- If already drafted by an NHL team, base it on where they were playing in the season prior to being drafted by the NHL.

6. Draft Eligibility - NHL vs. HFNHL
Be aware that there are several players that are still available to be drafted in the NHL (or are shown as eligible on the 2013 CSS Draft list) that have already been drafted in the HFNHL. The reverse is also true: players drafted in the NHL may not have been drafted in the HFNHL.

A review of the final CSB list to indicate those listed players that have already been drafted will be provided, but it is not guaranteed to be 100% complete, so it is ultimately up to the individual GM to determine whether the player they wish to draft is in fact available. *Picks made on players who have already been drafted will be forfeited.*

7. Draft Eligibility - Opt-outs
Prospects are no longer able to opt-out of the entry draft - any player with a birthdate in the window is eligible. For unranked players, it is up to the GM to provide evidence that the player's birth-date makes them eligible.

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