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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The injuries were bad, maybe too much for any team to overcome - but we didn't lose because of our forwards getting injured. We lost because of the D - who seem to have all been healthy.
Our forwards getting injured was key.

Before the series began, almost everyone agreed to say that their goaltending was better, their D was better, but they had no offense. That our strength was the PP and our depth up front. When you lose your only advantage from the get go by losing Gionta, Eller, Pacioretty,etc. Then it becomes a heck of a lot harder. It wasn't the only reason. We still could have won and came close to in quite a few games. But it was certainly a major factor.

The reason I mentioned it is because you said the sens had an injured star and rookies in their line up as if it was a great shame to lose to them. Our situation was way worse. We had almost as many rookies and our injuries affected us more.

You've clearly never played sports in your life.
You are so obnoxious and ridiculous with this. For one it's completely false, I love sports, played collegial soccer and various forms of recreational hockey, badminton, etc. Not gonna sit here and write down my "sports resume" for you but I have played sports, not at the pro level but somehow I don't think it's a pre-requisite for a hockey message board. And no matter how highly you think of yourself, unless proven otherwise, you are just another schmuck like the rest of us.

But even if I had played sports it has no bearing on my opinion at all. It has no meaning whatsoever. You are being completely ridiculous with this. It tells me you do not respect my opinion for what it's worth and you never will, so why should I even bother replying to your post.. and why do you even reply to mine?

Aside from the obviously injured Prust, the players gave and give 100% for every game. Stop using ESPN terms like "turning it on" and insanely simplistic notions like that - that's not how real life works. That's actually how people can tell if you're a radio listener, TSN/AC junkie or someone who actually watches the games. Are you seriously suggesting that the players just stopped playing as hard for TWELVE STRAIGHT GAMES? These guys are the fiercest competitors in their sports - that's how they got to the NHL. Give them more credit than your inexperienced, completely ignorant-of-the-situation self has to offer.
For one, I have no clue where that figure of twelve straight games come from. There was 5 games in between the 41st and 46th game where we went 1-5 where there was an obvious drop in play and efforts on the ice combined with an injured Price (by his own admission) who couldn't stop a beach ball.

Secondly, it's hard to reply to you seriously and not just devolve into a match of insults when you are so condescending and obnoxious with the radio listener crap and you haven't played sports card.

Finally, players don't go out of their way to not give effort and not work and lose but if you think all players go into every game and are prepared the exact same way, have the exact same focus, and give the exact same effort you are really naive to a degree that defies imagination. For example, let's take AK and Radulov who went out during the playoffs until 3 am the day before a game ? I'll stop there because there are varying degrees of this, and different situations. But you are being extremely naive and you're the one with an ultra simplistic view of the situation, they aren't robots they're human beings with lives outside of the sport. They don't go into every game and give the exact same effort every time. You are just wrong.

Everyone can give up and it's okay but Price can't. Your obsession is showing. I thought you just said the guys were saving it for the playoffs? How come Price can't save it for the playoffs?
Price was injured in the final stretch he said so himself. So that would explain a lot. I didn't know that. He should have let Budaj take his spot and rested his injuries for the playoffs but oh well.

How dare Price get injured! I mean, we lost because Eller and Gionta and Patches were injured but F Price, that injured loser, he's the reason we lost!
Not sure what you're rambling about here. Price playing injured didn't help us no.

Change your glasses. I saw a forecheck that led to nothing as the Sens collapsed smartly in their zone, shots that led to nothing as they were at impossible angles and pinches that led to odd-man-rushes against us constantly. Anderson is no Timmy Thomas, he had maybe 3 important saves a game, tops. Our forwards were beyond ineffective.
You change your glasses. The habs set up a record 27 shots on goal in the 2nd period of game 1. You can say none of them were scoring chances but you're wrong. And not only that but you claim I have an agenda against Price when it couldn't be more obvious that you have one against Therrien.

And really, 3 important save a game tops... You think the sens had a million scoring chances against us ? Anyone has access to a site with scoring chances ? I'd like to see what they were in game 1,2,4. Game 3 and 5 were debacles after the first 2 periods.

You shoot on net, things happen. Sens did it any time they could. And things happened. Probably because Price was injured and not in the zone. But whatever.

If we listen to you, we took a gazillion shots and all of them were meaningless. We made Anderson look good. Other teams would have exposed him like they did in the regular season.. OHHH WAIT.. he had the same save % against other teams in the regular season.. damn. I guess Anderson might actually be good.

You're looking at the surface again. There's tactics involved that you're not grasping, it's not SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!!!! like most fans think. We had no one in front of the net, not once until Subban's goal in the last game - and I didn't really observe the PP as much because it's been the same from the mid-way point of the season on but it seemed like they were relying on risky, impossible passes even more than usual.
Oh those advanced tactics such as putting a man in front of the net ? I'm out of my depth here. You are right.

You took great care to avoid answering my question so I'll repeat it:

How do you make adjustments to the PP when you play 3 games in 4 nights ? When do you suggest the habs should have taken the time to practice the PP ?

I wasn't complaining about the forecheck, it was fine. The D was the problem. He got outcoached. I'm not saying he should be fired but if he were I wouldn't be shocked. He got outcoached and exposed and his track record with adjustments is ZERO. Ask Pens fans.
I think you are completely wrong. I think you went into the playoffs with a mindset that Therrien was an idiot and it's like you said on that post in the last page, you have been looking for a reason why we are doing so good because in your mind we can't with Therrien. You are looking for anything to justify that view point. It's a bit ridiculous because it's really not supported by anything.

Here's the thing though: we didn't score in the 3rd once. And I'd go on to argue that just by the way the team was playing down the stretch, it was pretty clear that other teams figured out Therrien's "system". Whereas Jacques Martin was all system, Therrien is nigh-no system. The team was a Faberge Egg defensively and it was because of the blue-line play.
Apparently Carlisle a great coach didn't figure out Therrien's system at all because we stomped the leafs in our final game of the season. I think you have omitted the last 2 regular season games from your memory because it kind of pokes holes in your unfounded theories.

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