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05-12-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
I don't know if that will be true moving forward, but I do agree that there is no way that Gaborik would have been able to contribute in the way that Brassard has this season for us. Brassard has been our most dynamic forward in the post season in terms of creating chances, and is a big reason we even won two games. I'll give Brassard all the props in the world.

And I'll openly admit, I was a fan of Gaborik being here. Because of that, I'm not a huge fan of Nash getting a pass from fans when Gaborik just couldn't. I don't know what it's from. That year Gaborik scored over 40 goals, was later confirmed to be injured in the post season, and still contributed a whole lot more than what Nash is bringing to the table.

Than he had one bad season, and fans crucified him.

Nash has never been a winner, either in Columbus or here. He's never carried his team as the guy. And I'd stand by my statement that he wasn't even our most valuable forward during the year (Stepan) or overall (Lundqvist).

Unlike some fans here giving Nash the pass, with how we restructured our team around him and his $7.8 million contract, I do expect a lot more out of him. And he won't get a pass from me because we were literally a much better team before acquiring him (statistically).

And that isn't Nash's fault. He did have a solid season with us. It's probably more on the coaching staff and management then anything else, but Nash has to prove to me that acquiring him was the right move for the organization moving forward, he has to show me he is an elite player both in the regular season and post season, for me to give him the respect a lot of fans here willingly give him.

Again, we restructured the team around HIM, and because of that, I expect him to be our top player night in and night out. Just as I expect Lundqvist to carry the work load in net and keep us in each game we play. When you carry that star power in the NHL heavy expectations come your way, and anything less than a solid performance is unacceptable (the same applied to Gaborik for his underwhelming season this year).
A lot of fans are dumb or influenced by emotion when forming their opinions but I don't think I have seen ANYBODY say that Nash has been good in these playoffs. I have seen people offer explanations for why they think he is not producing but I have not seen anyone adamantly insist he's performing acceptably. In fact Nash is receiving tremendous criticism much moreso than he is complete or even tempered support. Nash is def not gtting a free pass just as Gabs did not when he played even worse for most of this season. Gabs overall career as a ranger was great though.

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