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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
That's why we need a development program like Hockey USA (BTW I believe they've banned checking in PeeWee nation wide, I thought I read they were considering elite levels, but cannot find it). Teach checking through clinics in PeeWee. Teach the coaches how to teach - shoulder checks, body poistioning, don't turn your back, head up, etc.... run PeeWee practices that involve checking drills and skills to initiate them. Team scrimmages with checking so kids can get used to it in a controled environment before Bantam. Don;t jsut ban it outright, ban it and come up with a plan/program for when and how to introduce it in PeeWee. But don't allow it in the games until they become proficient.
this ^

Hockey NS just released their plan for the 2013/14 season based on all the same data

and my biggest fear is that there will be no real development program at the actual team level to prepare kids.

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