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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I agree, but I think the Flyers are impatient partially because of the immediate success of a lot of their picks/signings. When guys succeed immediately, the organizations throws them to the wolves in a sink or swim mentality, which usually ends up well for the player.

Normally forwards who have NHL potential are either going to skip the AHL completely or spend no more than 1 to 2 years in the minor league. Defensemen generally take longer, but we seem to apply a forward mentality to them.

Though of course, it's not really fair because outside of Sbisa and Pitkanen, who both made fairly immediate impacts, there was no other real bluechip for us to patiently develop on the back-end.

Honestly, despite ourselves we may have done a real solid job patiently developing Gustafsson. I know it doesn't seem like it, but because we weren't able to rush him, he's turning into a fine young defenseman.
Definitely, Chris. Making the jump as a forward to the NHL is much easier than making the jump as a defenseman. Forwards just want to fit in at first, and then gradually become difference makers. Defenseman aren't necessarily afforded that luxury because of their importance to the team. They have much more pressure on them from the get-go.

I like Gus, but I'm not in love with how they've developed him. It seems to have worked because he appears to have an NHL future, but the constant up and down between leagues could have really screwed him up. I would prefer to either leave him down there full time or keep him up and live with the mistakes that are bound to happen with a developing guy. Injuries played a part in it, but the coaching decisions certainly didn't help.

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