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Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
Watching games helps

His 14 PIMs and generously reported 78 hits in just under 40 games this year certainly indicate as much. Or his 20 PIMs and 114 hits in 78 games last year. When was the last time he tuned a guy for running Reimer? Or lined a guy up for an open-ice devastating hit?

When was the last time he even got in a fight? Took a roughing penalty? Point is, he's not 'hard' at all - he doesn't inflict fear into the opposition, doesn't present any kind of threat, and doesn't even play with an edge to his game.

THATS why people see him as a soft, puck moving defenseman.
Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
Please tell me in what world does the rejection of one endorse the polar opposite of another this place makes me chuckle sometimes.

Were we discussing the degree of efficacy his playing style has on our blueline I'd consider your comment relevant but as is, whether his role still suits or fills our needs is irrelevant when discussing the elements of his playing style (which is that of a soft, puck-moving defenseman), and NOT how good or bad that is for the team.

As a footnote, I too would take Gunnarson over a pylon, but is it even necessary to make these plainly obvious assertions?
Why are his hits any more generously stated than other Leafs?
Why does a player have to fight to prove he is tough?
You missed his hit on Seguin the other night? I thought it was quite good and didn't take himself out of position to do it.
Having a high number of PiMs doesn't make you a good anything.


The New York Rangers are the most valuable NHL franchise at $1.2 billion, taking the top spot on the Forbes list for the first time since 2004.

The magazine said Tuesday that Montreal is second at $1.18 billion, followed by Toronto at $1.15 billion.
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