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05-12-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Tilipia is a garbage fish that wasn't even considered fit for human consumption until such time that many oceans were fished dry of more delectable fish.

In terms of aquaculture Tilipia were only grown to clean the mess off the bottom of commercial fish tanks. They're good vacuum cleaners that eat fish feces all day long and smell like it. Have at her, enjoy.

While you're at it try the rancid goat meat at Uncle Alberts backwater saloon.
There are other fish that are bottom feeders not on fish feces but on seal crap and everyone in North America eats is cod. Yup, cod. Before going crazy knocking Tilapia (not my favorite fish but if prepared well, it is just as good as any), cod and red snapper are pbvious bottom feeders. Hey I used to be a fish monger working part time while attending post secondary and I have cut up mahi mahi, halibut (try lifting a 60 pounder flat fish onto a cutting board), salmons of all kinds, cods, kingfishes, crabs, lobster, eels, geoduck, red snappers, carp etc. The worst for worms are red snappers and cod. They feed on the bottom where seal feces are and they get huge amount of worms (sometimes a handful in their belly). Customers comeback and reveal the worms embedded in their meat (some still alive during cooking). It is not harmful but not aesthetically pleasing. I would tell them that they were lucky not getting charged extra for that added protein (worm).

Some suggestions of good eats restaturants not fancy but tasty (stay away from not family-owned franchises):
Thai and Laos- Boulouang
Italian-Pico Lino (try their gnocchi), Il Forno
Vietnamese-La Pagode
Chinese-Wok n Roll, Taipan cafe
Indian-Asian Grill
North American-Culina

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