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Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
Watching games helps

His 14 PIMs and generously reported 78 hits in just under 40 games this year certainly indicate as much. Or his 20 PIMs and 114 hits in 78 games last year. When was the last time he tuned a guy for running Reimer? Or lined a guy up for an open-ice devastating hit?

When was the last time he even got in a fight? Took a roughing penalty? Point is, he's not 'hard' at all - he doesn't inflict fear into the opposition, doesn't present any kind of threat, and doesn't even play with an edge to his game.

THATS why people see him as a soft, puck moving defenseman.
I could live with him not being "hard" to play against cause he's sound positionally but it's his puck moving abilities or should I say "LACK OF" makes him a tweener for me that wont be worth the 4million plus a year contract to re-sign him.

He's solid not going to lie but think of a top 4 like this for 5 v 5 hockey


Add 2 big, tough, shot blocking, shut down types that would be used heavily for the PK you end up with 2 pairings that could be relied on to play 25 minutes a game if need be. A top 4 like that would be the envy of NHL teams that the Leafs would have as a D core.

Think of the transition game with the speed of the forwards. Let teams try and dump & chase with a Gardiner and a Reilly back there to skate and move the puck.

I see a top 4 like that and I think to myself why invest 4+ million a year on Gunnarson. Just doesn't make sense to me. Especially when you got a Jesse Blacker ready for promotion to the big club on top of Reilly in the pipe lines.

Don Cherry criticized Vancouver's GM for not having any guts well IMO Nonis should show guts by making this Leaf team even younger and promote from within, D"Amigo is a player they should clear a roster spot for as a 3rd line 2way depth PK player in letting Mac go. He will be a favorite of Carlyle's

YOUTH MOVEMENT AND WATCH THIS TEAM GROW should be the way Nonis moves with this team.

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