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Originally Posted by Pressure View Post

I was laughing the entire time i read this dribble of a mess. This is why "advanced stats" and stats guys are terrible at hockey. This is what happens when you're at a game staring into a piece of paper and your ipad all game.
Did you ever play one of the top 5 sports in the world for your country.

My belief is you are a person with zero concept of what elite level play is.

based on your rejection of stats.

What i showed was Smyth was a top 40 EV point producer with real players.
And terible with Brown, Eager, Petrell.
Which you do not think is an excuse.

So you believe, Hall, RNH, Eberle are the same as Brown, Petrell, Eager @ even play and the diference is Smyth's fault.
Yes you are so correct.


Embarrasing of historic level:

That is what everyone here is arguing.

Smyth needs to hang it up
cause it is his Fault!
Not that there is a diffrence between his teamates.

You guys are saying
Brown = Gagner, HALL, RNH, Eberle,
Petrell = Gagner, HALL, RNH, Eberle,
Eager = Gagner, HALL, RNH, Eberle,
to support your Smyth sucks argument.


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