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Originally Posted by Doctor Hook View Post
I played growing up and all through HS. My senior year I did not progress as much as my coaches or I had hoped and I found myself getting very limited minutes as a 6th D. I was fed up at that point and walked away from the game. I gave away all my gear, stopped watching the NHL, and tried to forget that I ever even played the game, let alone loved it.

A few years after college, I was looking for a way to stay in shape in addition to the gym, so I decided to give rec league hockey a try. I had poo-poohed men's leagues for years since they were non-contact, and I thought hockey without checking isn't real hockey. But I decided to play anyway and I've fallen back in love with the game that has taught me so much over the years. I've made some lifelong friends, had some awesome times, gotten in better shape, and become a better player now than I was back in the old HS days.

When I first stopped playing, I wanted to forget about the game and the frustrations it gave me, but being back in a league for fun or skating at midnight with a group of other dudes out there for the sake of shooting pucks and having a laugh is definitely a big part of my life now.

Take a break from hockey if you feel like it, let things cool down, then get back when you're ready. Sort out your life first and hockey will always be there to take you back.
yeah duster, you said "poo-pooh". you have no right to decide what is "real" and not regarding hockey.

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