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Originally Posted by INTOTHEVOID View Post
Does anyone else have problems with back pain? lower back pain specifically?

I get muscle relaxers from my doctor but that seemingly doesn't always help, I do stretches every day and sleep correctly but sometimes I just wake up and it hurts unbelievably bad, it's starting to get really annoying and I really have no idea what to do about it.. I figured since there is a bunch of old people that post on here some of you have experience with it
Is it lower back pain or is it more in your upper thigh/butt area? Because I've had similar troubles for a year now, and it hurts, as you said, unbelievably bad sometimes, to the point where I can't get up from bed on my own.

I bought this stiffer bed, started sitting more upright and started caring about my posture when walking more and, while not completely gone, it's also not constantly hurting any more. Sure, I get pain sometimes, especially if I try to pick something up from the floor without kneeling first, but that's more my own stupidity.

I really should start stretching, like you do.

If it's not that, and it's strictly lower back, I'd ask that they take X-rays from your lower back. Who knows, you could have something dislocated or fractured, like tailbone or a small vertebrae. If that's the case, I can imagine muscle relaxants not helping much.

You might also have a slipped disc, like me. It ****ing sucks, but muscle relaxants should help.

If you have problems described above in your upper thigh, buttock area and lower back, you might simply have tightened hamstrings.

Get well soon.

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