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05-12-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Colorado Sports Fan View Post
Woody Paige argues again for Gwozdecky.
One interesting (Somewhat New) thing that came out of Woody's conversation with Sakic, is that he wants a teacher.

How much of the requirements does Boucher meet?

Passionate, check

Boucher is a player's coach. Earning an advanced degree in sports psychology gives him insight other coaches lack. He understands what makes athletes tick, and he can figure out the best way to approach them, not as a cog in the machine, but as a person. From Raw Charge:

"My approach is based on the individual," Boucher said. "So whether you're talking about 17 or 18-year-olds or 30 or 35-year-olds, players want to improve, they want to win and ultimately you find the same problems and strengths in each individual. It's the same starting point, so I didn't need to adapt my approach too much."

A big part of his approach is based on communication.

"He listens to all his players, regardless of their status," said Canadiens prospect Gabriel Dumont, who played under Boucher in both junior and briefly . . . in Hamilton. "He knows each player and knows how he needs to manage each player."

Boucher is not just interested in the physical skills of a player. He realizes there's a mental aspect to playing and, especially, winning. From the Tampa Tribune (via Puck Daddy):

"One leg is the physical part. Everybody is great at that because they all have personal trainers now. You've got the technical part, shooting this way or skating that way. You've got the tactical part, the team tactics and systems. Coaches spend all their time on that," he said.

"Then the other leg that's missing is the mental part of the game. We all say it's the most important part of the game, but what are the tools?"

At every level, people have said Boucher knows how to get the most out of his players. This was certainly true of the Lightning in the 2010-2011 season. Boucher found a way to get his players to perform and to use what he had the best way he could. He recognized that the team had less-than-stellar goaltending and made adjustments to the way he ran the team. In particular...
I think that speaks to the Teacher part, check

Experience, check (I'm on the fence on this, but he does have 'experience' at the NHL level.)

Can be hired before the draft, check

"will lead" the young players, check

Like it or not Boucher fits all the requirements to a T, the question left is what happened with Tampa? That team didn't exactly turn it around effort wise after he left either. Which speaks to him not being the issue when it comes to effort from the team.

If his message was stale and not well liked, then you would think 'effort' would be something you could see immediately. Even if the team wasn't able to win consistently because of a need to learn new systems or whatever. There were at least two blogs I seen written that spoke to a lack of team effort after the coaching change was made.

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