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05-12-2013, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The goaltender is not just one player on a team. You can get by with a dman not playing well but it's a heck of a lot harder if it's your goalie.
This is not true and it's incredible you'd make this comparison seeing how Montreal without Markov is a different team compared to with Markov.

If Tavares struggled at the end of April, do you think the Islanders would have made the playoffs? Have you seen Boston play when Chara is off his game? I'm sure you have. Montreal has taken him off his game before the and the rest of the team just collapses.

The narrative earlier in the season was that Montreal was playing so well because they didn't have to rely on Price anymore. Price simply had to be solid. There was no prayers or miracle performances because the scoring was top 10 in the league and the defence was set. Once Emelin went down, the whole team started collapsing like a Jenga puzzle. How many times did Ottawa cut right down the center for a quality shot on Price? When did Montreal ever do that to Anderson? Oh right, when Galchenyuk scored in game four.

In every game of the Ottawa series, how often was Bourque and Ryder and Pacioretty just throwing the puck at the net from bad angles without anyone near the net to bang in a rebound? It was constant. The team was only getting things done on the power play because the only players willing to stand in front of the net were Gionta and Gallagher, some of the team's smallest players. A complete regression to when players went straight for the net.

The best goal in the series was made when Galchenyuk carried the pick, got hit, the team moved up into the play, Gallagher got to the net and Galchenyuk gave him a sweet pass on the one timer. Galchenyuk and Gallagher went deep for that play. That would hardly happen again with the team playing a box while Pacioretty and Bourque try to fire the puck in at bad angles. It also wouldn't happen again because Therrien kept benching Galchenyuk for no reason other than his age and inexperience.

Watching the Canadiens/Senators series was so frustrating because it was just like when the Canadiens played the Capitals in 2009. Only Montreal was in the role of Washington.

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