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05-12-2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Nazem Bozak View Post
I think a player we can go after could be Al Horford. He's better suited at PF then C and if atlanta goes after Dwight I'd imagine they would want a front court of Smith at PF & Dwight at centre.

Horford is relatively young and fits in with the young mold of our team. It could be

& some picks may get it done who knows.
Clearly you haven't been keeping up with Atlanta. They prefer Horford 20x more than Smith. Horford hates playing C, since he's undersized there and is a natural PF. He's been begging Atlanta to get a legit center forever instead of playing him there.

If they somehow get Howard, that solves a lot of problems for them. Plus Horford has one of the best contracts in the NBA, I think he only gets paid 12 million a year for the next 3 years. JSmoove will be looking for a max contract this summer, and there's a good chance Atlanta just lets him walk rather than overpay him. I'd love to add him, but there's no way Bargs+Tross+picks (we can't trade our 2014 pick because we already traded the 13 pick). Bargs is negative value and TRoss is not valuable enough to sweeten the pot.

I just hope we amnesty Bargnani, but it seems like BC is gonna amnesty Kleiza instead. (which is a dumb move, since he's an expiring contract. Why waste your amnesty on an expiring contract when you have a much worse contract on the roster?)

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