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05-12-2013, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
Like it or not Boucher fits all the requirements to a T, the question left is what happened with Tampa? That team didn't exactly turn it around effort wise after he left either. Which speaks to him not being the issue when it comes to effort from the team.

If his message was stale and not well liked, then you would think 'effort' would be something you could see immediately. Even if the team wasn't able to win consistently because of a need to learn new systems or whatever. There were at least two blogs I seen written that spoke to a lack of team effort after the coaching change was made.
Systems and effort are intertwined. A good system allows for success with less effort, and a poor system can make the players look really bad even though they are playing hard. I tell my players to picture an Olympic rowing team. Everyone's effort is maximized because they are rowing in unison. To the casual observer, it looks effortless. On the other hand, if you just throw a bunch of guys into a boat and have them row as hard as they can without any synchronization, the boat isn't going to go anywhere very fast because everyone is just paddling at their own pace and essentially fighting each others effort. A good system puts players in the best position so succeed with the least amount of effort.

Which brings us to what happened in Tampa. Prior to the infamous Philly game, the Bolts had a good system in place. After that game, supposedly Yzerman was furious and ordered Boucher to change it. Boucher was forced to tweak his system and tried a bunch of different things up until the point he was fired. Most of the things he tried were unsuccessful and systems-wise, was kind of a mess at the point he was fired.

When interviewed, Yzerman used "philosophical differences" as the reason for Boucher's firing. He mentioned that they didn't share the same beliefs as to how the game should be played. When Cooper was hired, he said he basically wants to implement the Red Wings system, but implied that there wasn't enough time left in the season to do so. For the most part, he left Boucher's tweaked system in place. The players played hard for a while after the coaching change, but it didn't really matter. That system didn't put them in a position to succeed so some of them started to slack a little. For the most part though, they were playing as reasonably hard as can be expected, but it looked bad.

As an example of what I am talking about, recall the 1997 series vs. the Red Wings. Bowman had Crawford's system figured out and Crawford refused to adjust. Everyone, including the coaching staff, was saying the Avs weren't playing hard enough, but they were playing as hard as they could. It was the system that made them look bad.

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