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05-12-2013, 05:10 PM
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If I had to grade Price on his last three seasons plus playoffs it would go like this:
( this is based on ACTUALLY WATCHING EVERY GAME, not just stat watching like 90% of hfers)

2 years ago: amazing season, should have been a Vezina nominee, 9.5/10
+playoffs : second best goalie in the playoffs after Thomas. 9.5/10

Last year: Great season by Price despite the basement finish. If you actually watched the games you would know his play hardly regressed from the year before. 9/10
No playoffs...

This year: Had a very strong start, relatively solid all season and finished the season poorly. His overall performance would grade 7.5/10 seeing as though the last stretch was HUGELY overblown by the media and while he did let in a few weak goals the team defence was horrendous.
+playoffs: he had a weak game 1 ( once again hugely overblown), very solid game two, team fell asleep game three, but he was average, and was once again very strong in game 4. 8/10

Considering this was a shortened season, so technically a much smaller sample size ( about half), we should keep in mind that this season should have a bit less baring on the full scale of things.

Now if you look at his performances, within the last three years you can see he has been on average very good. (8.5+) there's no reason to trade him even considering his contract. YOu have to realize goalies will start making more and more money as the years go by. So while he might be making more than most good goalies now, other goalies will start following suit, and I can guarantee by the end of his contract he will be making less than other goalies who are worse than him.

Of course it's much harder to think rationally and look at the bigger picture than it is to look back a couple weeks and have knee jerk reactions, but hey, that's why we see so many clueless people asking for him to be traded....

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