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Originally Posted by 17Kurri View Post
You showed that he was a better player statistically when he played with better players. But were other players better when they played with him? In other words, just because other players made him better doesn't mean he made other players better. How he impacted other players would be a better measurement of his effectiveness than how other players impacted him.
There is a site dedicated to player performance with each player to the second.
It also shows if the player was better or worse with or without.

No hocus pocus!

Just results. Like wins and losses.

i too was writing smyth off!
Then i saw Smyth was the 24th best even LW last year.
how could this be!
Until i saw it was the black hole three!

There will be people who see good or see bad and are to stubborn or to shift there opinion.

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