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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
Did I say another goalie would have brought us into the playoffs?

I said you can't give 9/10 because you're saying Price was almost perfect that year but you can't possibly think Price was almost perfect. If we finished 12th, you would have given Price 10/10? You can't possibly give a goalie 9/10 when his team finishes 15th. That's beyond ridiculous
I guess you've suffered mild brain damage during your developing years, because I've tried to explain this to you three times now yet you still don't understand.....

Where the TEAM finishes isn't an automatic sign of how a goalie played. So when you say that I would have given price 15/10 if we finished 8th is dumb.
Us finishing 8th would have just meant that we either tightened up defensively or scores more goals, not because Price would have played better.

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