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Originally Posted by Josh Deitell View Post
I appreciate what you're saying and I agree in many respects, but I think it's idealistic and out of touch with the reality of the situation at hand here. These are 15-year-olds trying to forge a career and getting pulled at from all angles, it's not fair to expect them to be entirely reasonable and accomodate the greater good. NCAA and CHL scouts/coaches are essentially agents, selling young talent on their programs and selling their management on the young talent. Most of them are honest but there are some that do not always have the interests of the player at hand. Just because a player would benefit a team, doesn't mean that team would benefit a player. If a kid is going to be unhappy somewhere, why would you force that on him? For NHL players, the saving grace of going to an undesirable organization is that you still get paid good money. That's not the same case here.
I understand that what i'm describing isn't the reality of today, but there's no valid reason why is can't be. its all very complicated because that's how everyone wants it to be. everyone involved makes it as complicated as possible in order to create this industry for themselves, and ultimately make money.

kids are definitely being pulled in many different directions, but an agent only adds another unnecessary pull.

an excellent question as to why a 15 year old should be forced to play somewhere he doesn't want to play. i'll take a high-profile kid from my area as an example. lets say that if Nathan noel had his choice to play with any team in the qmjhl, he'd choose Halifax. assuming they want him, why can't he just sign with Halifax? why is he forced into a draft?

what I find so ridiculous about the whole thing is that everyone knows the draft is a farce. the league knows, the teams know, the parents and agents know, the kids know, and the fans know. so why does the charade continue? obviously the answer to that question its an charade that continues simply to provide jobs for people.

everyone knows its a total sham, yet everyone pretends its legit. that's just weird.

Good advisors don't lie, cheat, and scheme, they help their players sort through their opportunities, which can be vast and confusing in the case of top talents, and make the best decision for their future. I agree with you that the system is messed up in many ways but everyone plays the game. If you don't, as a player or as a team trying to be successful, you risk falling behind.
the whole "playing the ncaa card" scheme that we see every year is lying and cheating. I assume this trick was thought up by some agent a long time ago, and obviously it continues today.

absolutely everyone is playing the same game. as I said, everyone involved knows full well that the draft is nothing but a charade, yet everyone continues on as if its legit. if you don't play the game, you certainly risk falling behind, but if I was a wealthy team owner, its a risk i'd be willing to take. I think that's how this mess will be fixed. someone is going to have a stones to stand up and call this what it is....a total and complete sham. someone just needs to think outside the box, not be part of the charade, and call it for what it is. that's when it will start to change for the better.

I find the "agent" angle very interesting. who are these guys? what kind of education and experience do they have that qualifies them to do this? and more interestingly, how much do they get paid? what's the going rate to be a 15 year old kid's agent for a year? do they sign contracts with the kids and their families? and what specifically do the agents provide for this? the role of the agent seems very vague and ambiguous to me.

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