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09-27-2006, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mac-sniper View Post
grow a bag and dont quit. i quit for a few years and im tryin to make varsity now. if you quit youre a *****.
Come on man. If you have nothing valuable to add (as everybody else who posted has), then why bother clicking "submit reply"?

Originally Posted by JM47 View Post
It sounds like you are sick of Reffing. I Reffed for a few years and at first I liked it but I think it is really what burned me out on hockey. There is no way in hell I would ever ref another game. Maybe you should take some time off from the rink. It did me a world of good.
I'm not sick of reffing. Being on the ice in the middle of all the action is great. It's the off-ice baggage that comes with it in minor hockey that has my motivation to step on the ice drained to nothing.

Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Sounds like you need to deal with whatever you said on the other Board before you do anything else. If you posted something stupid, own up to it and get it behind you, if you don't, you'll always regret not having done it. After you clear that up, give yourself some time and re-evaluate. If the answer comes up the same, do what you feel in your heart. Just don't let something you wrote in a "momentary lapse of judgement" screw you over.
I think my mistake in this situation is not necessarily that I said something. Whether saying it was the right decision or not, my opinions remain. Doing what I do at BCHL games hasn't been fun for roughly two years, and it does coincide with the hiring of the current coach. My mistake was not turning in my jacket when I first lost enjoyment.

That said, I still have questions about how they found out I post on that message board. There is no possible way they could have traced anything to my computer (I've looked into it already), and I have no contact information (name, email, anything) on my profile there. The only way they could come to any conclusion is from the one user who has been freely verbally attacking me recently, and publically saying what I do, both at the rink and for a living. He obviously knows who I am, yet I'm clueless as to his identity. If my theory about who this person is connected to is correct, I have no desire to ever set foot back into that arena.

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