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05-12-2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
You can't guarantee that gate revenue for the next 30 years. What happens if in 5 years Trudeau gets in power and thinks its a good idea to shut down the oilfield due to green house gases and pollution? What if all the oil companies feel they can get better deals elsewhere. Especially when you consider the US just opened up a huge part of North Dakota that used to be protected for Oil exploration. If alberta starts investing now in other industries besides Oil we may be able to weather a storm like the above but right now were putting all our bags in one basket and if that basket up and leaves the team and the new arena would have a hard time surviving IMO. Katz wants a good deal on this thing for that reason, sure he'll make money now but if there's ever a downturn then he'll be able to use that money to get by and not lose the team.
Gosh that's a lot of IF's ... may as well throw in that rogue comet we'll need Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to stop.

That said, should all of your hypothetical's come to pass, the last person to worry about would be a billionaire and his no risk capital project.

Under such extreme conditions one has to think we will all have bigger concern for how we utilize our limited discretionary income.

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