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Originally Posted by Hockeycritic View Post
Are you sure what you are talking about? I make you to speak things about SHOULD be mentioned! Please, go ahead! If I feel that it's REAL thing to talk about I deliver it to his AGENT if you don't mindi! Birthdate certificates who cares about it especially in Russia? Tell you more even IIHF can't control it well. They had even 1Norwegian player with wrong birthdate at U-18 2006 WJC in Sweden.

Remember Zakharau Konstantin FW 1985 from BELARUS? He was good a U-18 and U-20 and St.Lous no matter what selected him onto the NHL darft 2003! Link:

Then we have FW 1986 Parshin Denis with CSKA M drafted by COLORADO 2004... Link:

BIG PROBLEM of RUSSIAN HOCKEY but I have my view and opinion of it. All this topics for 'LAME people' Blah-blah-blah... PLAYERS must show their LEVEL of game and that's it no matter what! Of course, it's strange and laughing matter when 25 years of age man under the MASK plays at junior level with DOMINANCE but it's normal when MASKED man comes out to play among seniors and at least shows something! Don't you think so? Or you want to tell PETROV isn't 1990 but 1980 year of birth man

Regarding OVECHKIN level he is UNIQUE 1 man in 100 years! Though I'm not sure how Alexander managed with his talent if he didn't have that big SUPPORT of family from father and mother! FATHER talked a lot with coaches before and after BAD luck games for ALEXANDER and helped the man to gain more ice time and develope. In this regard Malkin and Zherdev SELF-MADE people. No parents interference into their lifes. Especially Zherdev who left Ukrain at 14 years of age for Russia.

Let's wait and time must show with PETROV and KITSYN.
I can't prove Petrov has fake birth certificate or not. And i don't want to do it. But you live in Russia and you can meet guys from national team of 1990 borns. Just ask them one question: Is Petrov really 1990 born? I did it and saw them laughing.

But it is not a subject. You got me wrong and i would even say that i showed my point of view in a wrong way.

No one really cares about his birth certificate right now. Just let's imaging the following situation (just an EXAMPLE). Malkin has fake birth certificate. Who cares about it now? NO ONE. Because if he is even not 20 yo but 22 yo he plays like tons of 25-30 yo players can't and will not ever. The same about Petrov. If he plays fantastic when he is 20 yo nobody will ****ing care about his birth certificate. So let's wait till he's 20 yo. But you know that age diffirence is very marked in junior hockey. And if you, for example, are 16 yo and play for team of 1992 borns you will have advantage. Also you will have great stats and wonderful feedbacks on forums. And you will have a place in national team of 1992 borns. And another guy who is real 14 yo will not and end his career. That is for your "Birthdate certificates who cares about it especially in Russia?". Do you get what i am talking about now?

I liked the way Petrov played in Spartak (but i think he wasn't the best one in the Ostapchuk-Chernov-Petrov line) and wish him luck. But i wonder why you call him phenomenon(it is not something special that he is 16 yo and plays in RSL). Just let's wait. Time mustn't show. Petrov will show himself who he is.

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