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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
I know this area pretty well too. you don't have the market cornered on that.

what's your job? obviously you're personally involved, so you're part of the problem. you know the draft is a farce, yet you can't or won't admit it, like all the others who work in the industry. if you admit its a farce, you're admitting that your job is a farce, and obviously you're not going to do that. its in your personal best interest to keep the charade going.

so you'll listen to an agent in this circumstance? you know he's just trying to line his own pockets, right? I assume if "his kid" gets drafted by you, it means more money for him. yet you fall for this scam and will travel to Ontario just to see "his kid"? that's weird.

if I know 100% the kid is going ncaa, I wouldn't draft him. if I suspect he's "playing the ncaa card", i'm definitely going to draft him.

as I said, i'd take my chances that 9 times out of 10, my team will benefit by taking the best player available, regards of what he and his agent are saying. either the kid will play for my team, or i'll be able to move him for a good return. and if he actually goes ncaa and I get nothing from that pick, so be it. sucks for me. but again, i'd take the risk that it wouldn't cripple my team forever. the tri-city americans missed on toews, but it didn't kill them.

so a kid at age 14 or 15 signs a contract with some guy calling himself an agent that says if the kid ever happens to turn pro, this agent gets 4% of the money? that's totally absurd.

and the agent spends his own money flying the kid around at ages 14 and 15, in the hopes that some day the kid might turn pro? that sounds even more absurd. ridiculous business model. that's a far crazier risk that drafting a kid who claims he's going ncaa.
im done replying to you about this stuff, you have no clue about the business nor how things work but yet open your mouth to call things farces and stuff but yet have no clue about can pretend all you want to knlw what you talk about, but im a scout for a team in the league and been in this business to know what is needed for a team to have a future.

lol to think a guy just walks up, hey im an agent...not like they work for big companies like Octagon or CMG and they have a license to be agents and not like all an agent does is sign a kid and that is it...i know a lot of agents and like all scouts we do our own work and reserach but if a guy i know says this guy is good ill send questions to the head scout asking if he knows of him and see if someone can get to see him sometime....

and the draft being a charad LOL so one or two players in the whole draft if any in that year saying they are going ncaa make it a charad LOL make it sound like we do not know what we are doing and walking around with question marks and just listening to what people tell us to listen to lol....duuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

ya so agents must be doing something right, they seem to live pretty good lives...not like they are flying them all over the world lol...anyway this is last of my replying to these absurd questions, it is alright not to know much about the business but do not go on like you know everything about it and fight about the facts but yet show you do not know.

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