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05-12-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
Rightly or wrongly so ... nobody is going to VALUE Bernier as HIGHLY as WE do, if they did he'd have been traded by now, kind of really as simple as that.

Take off the Kings Purple tinted glasses for sec. and consider most teams already have a young unproven goalie prospect in their system, so why trade valuable assets for another in Bernier ?

IF you look at the hard numbers, Bernier only has 62 NHL games to his name (NONE in the Playoffs either mind you.), 29 Wins, with a .912 Sv % and 2.36 GAA. Not exactly WOW ! I must have him, trade a 1st and decent prospect type of numbers.

Yes we know what he did in the Q, and with Manchester, and yes many here think someday he MAY be better than Quick yadda yadda yadda ... but obviously the 29 other GM's in the NHL don't Value him as highly as Dean Lombardi is right now.

Do you really think BERNIER could ? ... more importantly ... DO any of the other 29 GM's in the NHL ?

Obviously Philly thought Bryzgalov could based on what they gave up to get him and the contract they gave him.

Obviously Vancouver thought Luongo could based on what they gave up to get him and the contract they gave him.

I'm sure IF Hiller hits the market, some team WILL think he could and follow suit in doing what Philly & Vancouver did, again rightly or wrongly, but you can't argue that some team will THINK this.

YOU say Bernier is better ... well Toronto put their faith in Reimer & Scrivens ...
YOU say Bernier is better ... well Tampa Bay is putting their faith in Ben Bishop & Anders Lindback ...
YOU say Bernier is better ... well (insert Team Name here) is putting their faith in (insert Goalie Name here) ...

Frankly, the MORE I consider it ... hate to tell you Bernie, but suck it up buttercup you'll be Quick's back-up for at least one more year I'm thinking ?
Y'know, guys like Elliott, Thomas, Anderson, Smith didn't have a whole lot of playoff experience or experience as starting netminders until later in their careers.

Thomas got his first playoff start when he was 33, and he was 32 when he established himself as a starter.

Anderson was 28 when he got his first shot as a starter, but it wasn't until last season, when he was 30, when he became established. He was also 28 when he played in his first playoff game.

Elliott has had an up and down career and got a starting nod with the Sens when he was 24, he faltered, and bounced back last season when he was 26. He struggled again for the most part this season and his playoff performances thus far in his career haven't been anything to write home about.

Smith's first playoff game came when he was 28, but his career as a starter didn't take off till he was 29.

The point is, the teams that took these goalies in gambled on unproven netminders who lacked experience. They're not a Luongo or Bryzgalov or Khabibulin that came in with proven track records.

Look at the examples you cited in Luongo and Bryzgalov. Team's invested a ton in more experienced goalies, and what results do they have to show for it?

Columbus took a chance on Bobrovsky and it paid off for them. You don't think a team out there may believe that Bernier could break out like Bobrovsky? Look at the chance the Bruins took in trading for an inexperienced goaltending prospect in Tuukka Rask when they gave up former Calder Trophy winner Andrew Raycroft. That worked out pretty well for them, don't you think?

Bernier is a RFA, if there isn't interest in him out there, then how could he make a demand to be dealt to a team that will give him an opportunity to start? I think a team is out there that will seriously consider Bernier for that role. I don't know what it's going to cost or if Lombardi will get what he wants, but he's hung onto him this long, he isn't going to give him away for table scraps.

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