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09-27-2006, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by PuttinOnTheFoil View Post
Basically, these girls are complaining that their HS girls team "is a joke" so they think they should be accomodated on a better team. What I'm trying to get at is why do some people think it is their right to be provided with every opportunity to play sports at *their* highest level. If a boy is a volleyball prodigy, but his school doesn't have a boys team is he being discriminated against? No. If my basketball team just plain sucks and gets beaten by every team we played, is that the schools fault? No. If my baseball team dominates every team in our league to the point that it is no fun to play, should we be compensated for "lack of suitable competition"? No. These girls think they're too good for their HS team, boo hoo. Suck it up and try and pass on some of your skill or play a different sport or move somewhere else. The fact that their girls HS team isn't up to *their* standards is not an injustice worthy of anything more than a "Too bad" remark and a pat on the back from Mom and Dad.
Personally, I think you're interpreting this wrong. It's not their right to be provided with this. It's their right not to be excluded from it. What they want is right there, and openly available to many, but they are kept out of it for no other reason than gender. And as I've stated many times in here, when boys are excluded from the girls sports, it is for reasons beyond just gender. It is to protect those leagues from becoming boys' leagues. Girls in boys' leagues do not threaten in the same way.

If a boy is a volleyball prodigy he should be looking for a higher level of competition anyway, not a lower one. If your freshman basketball team sucks, and you are far and away the best player on the team, would you not want to try out for the varsity team? If your baseball team is that good, there are other options out there (various tournaments and whatnot that you can play in). The thing about making these kinds of comparisons to boys sports is the assumption that boys sports and girls sports are equal, which they are not. There are far more options for boys than girls, as well as far more funding. Generally speaking in high school, there are fewer sports for girls to choose from, fewer levels of play, and fewer outside options beyond the school system. As such, it's far easier to exhaust one's options.

Originally Posted by Le Golie View Post
Yeah, all that fuss, just to end up robbing a not for profit organization, having no place to play and having the entire country hear about you getting cut from a high school hockey team.

Pretty crappy result.
This is what annoys me the most about all this. Suing a non-profit organization for money over this. If it was just about wanting to play, then the decision of "OK, girls can try out" should have been perfectly satisfactory. There was zero reason to bring money into this, and it just makes their motives look all the more suspect.

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