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05-12-2013, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Behind Enemy Lines View Post
Gosh that's a lot of IF's ... may as well throw in that rogue comet we'll need Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to stop.

That said, should all of your hypothetical's come to pass, the last person to worry about would be a billionaire and his no risk capital project.

Under such extreme conditions one has to think we will all have bigger concern for how we utilize our limited discretionary income.
Look at what's happened to Alberta in the last 30 years. People were losing their houses because of the National energy deal and high interest rates, the Oilsands were almost shut down in the early to mid 90's because it wasn't cost effective enough. Yes the last 10 years have been good to albertans but to expect that to continue for the next 30 years is foolish and people should start preparing for difficult financial times that may be coming.

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