Thread: Worst Trade?
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01-03-2004, 07:55 AM
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Barry Pederson
Cam Neely
Glen Wesley
Kyle McLaren
Sergei Samsonov
Jon Aitken
Jeff Jillson

Barry Pederson played 1 good season for the canucks, got injured and was never effective since

Cam Neely became the best powerforward in NHL history having a long illustrious career in boston as a legend

Glen Wesley was a 3rd overall pick and played many many years for the bruins as an effecitive defensemen, upon his signing by the whalers the bruins were awarded 3 1st round picks and they were

Sergei Samsonov who is one of the bruins best forward today

Kyle McLaren played a few good years for the bruins but was traded for

Jeff Jillson who is a great young offensive defenseman

Jon Aitken who is a still prospect. despite being a bad prospect he was a 8th overall pick

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