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05-12-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
It's the respiratory depression that's the killer.

Oxycodone has a minimal effect on the liver, combined with alcohol or not. The only danger to the liver is any acetaminophen that's combined with the pill (which is fairly easily separated from the oxy). There are percocet/vicodin abuse cases where the user eventually gets liver failure due to taking too much APAP because they're too stupid/lazy to filter it out, but the biggest danger is people getting drowsy, then laying down and stop breathing in their sleep.
That's essentially what I mean, also kind of curious exactly what he consumed. Anyway I don't even see what this has to do with the NHL, I get that he was depressed because of his role as a hockey player, but if his brother gave him the pill and he drank the beers...?

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