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01-03-2004, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by slats432
Here is my copy and pasted answer in the other 4 threads about this issue:

Be careful....all of the people that support Winnipeg getting a franchise should remember that their attendance SUCKED in the NHL as well.

Capacity of the Winnipeg Arena (15 500)
Jets Attendance:

1979-80 13284
1980-81 13265
1981-82 13382
1982-83 12889
1983-84 12400
1984-85 12994
1985-86 13620
1986-87 13594
1987-88 12681
1988-89 12816
1989-90 13106
1990-91 12931
1991-92 12931
1992-93 13550
1993-94 13297
1994-95 13013
1995-96 11316

All the Winterpegger people that think they can support a nouveau NHL franchise should have shut up and supported the last one. And all the the people whining about the southern U.S cities having teams...the Jets would have near the worst attendance in the league last year with every season that they were existance.

Hey Winnipeggers that want an NHL team...where are the sellouts? Where are the capacities that say that Winnipeg can support an NHL team. Well they can't.

This Winnipeg B.S. is starting to get on my nerves.
The difference in the attendance numbers being that Winnipeg had on average 13000 fans ACTUALLY SHOW UP to the games, as opposed to having 8 or 9 thousand show up, have the entire lower bowl half empty, and announcing 15, many teams are doing now. Keep in mind as well that a a few thousand of the seats in the Winnipeg Arena are absolute crap. Sightlines are terrible, and you'd be hardpressed to get someone to pay NHL dollar for a regular season game when you can barely see the action. The building was terrible.

We did support the last one. There are an awful lot of Canadian fans who need to stop complaining about hockey being in the south...its good for the sport, and good for the league. I also don't know many fellow Winnipeggers who are all that anxious to get the Penguins. Yeah, the mayor and the two-bit politician made a bit of a little bid for the was front page news in the Winnipeg Sun...which says next to nothing, as thats little more than a tabloid. The fact is that there aren't too many Jets fans who would want to do the same thing to Pens fans that was done to us. However, just looking at the attendance numbers for the Jets and comparing it to the average attendance numbers today is a very inadequate method of exploring whether or not Winnipeg could support a team right now. Would there be enough corporate support to scoop up the one or two thousand extra season tickets to sell out the new rink? Of course there would be. Could a team be supported in Winnipeg? Depends on what happens with the next CBA, but if Edmonton and Calgary can do it, then so can Winnipeg. Simple as that.

Ideally, I want to see the Pens stay in Pittsburgh. I'd love to see hockey in winnipeg once again. CBA negotiations will tell us exactly how possible that is.

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