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05-12-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by RockinRiles View Post
Are we really surprised by this at all? Price complains about the fans every season after the team is eliminated. It is like a Soap Opera, and quite comical.

Sommes-nous vraiment étonnés par ceci du tout ? Price se plaint au sujet des fans chaque saison après qu'on élimine l'équipe. Il est comme un Feuilleton, et tout à fait comique.
I think he was pretty mature in his comments.

As for yours... that's another matter.
Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Price comments are a bit concerning. He does not seem to like playing in Montreal. The hobbit in a hole comment is a red flag for me. I do not think he has the personality to thrive in Montreal. You compare with Subban who craves media attention, craves fan attention, shows up at every social event, wants to live the big life and be adored. His comments about the CBC people said it all (paraphrasing) : I kinda like it. It fuels the fire. That is the type of personality that can succeed in Montreal as a star player.

Also, the part where he says I can win a cup. Well, almost any goalie can win a cup with a powerhouse team. Not sure why he feels the need to say that. Does he mean he can win a cup being a main driving influence for the team ? Or more like a backseat driver on a good team ? This kind of ties in into what he was saying before the playoffs began when he said something like "I'm just another player on the team" when asked about expectations. In the meantime Therrien was saying Price was the best player and expected to make a difference.

And then he goes on to say he will look into what he needs to do to get better... Other players knew exactly what they needed to do. They knew what they had to focus on but from Price's comments, I didn't get the feeling he knew what was the problem. He was counting more on an 82 game schedule to train with Groulx like that would fix everything. I hope Groulx or whoever will be there, will have the answers because I don't know if Price does.

The "I don't come out anymore, hobbit in a hole" comments just feel like he's not happy here. I don't know how he can be successful here if that's the case.

But it's also entirely possible I'm reading way too much into this.
I think his comments reflect how he feels right now. No more, no less. I don't read too much into this. The guy's bummed out and if you read the comments by some of the folks in this thread... I can't say I blame him.

Maybe we do wind up moving him. Maybe he'll ask to be dealt.

All I'm saying is that if we do trade him, we'll regret it.

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