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05-12-2013, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Feds wasn't putting up 7 point games either, his top games were 5 points once and 4 points in 2 games.

Never mind the Sid diversion tell us exactly how scoring 76 points in 16 games helps Mario and the Pens in any of the other 54 games he played in, they don't so his points "advantage" over Feds and Forsberg in 96 isn't as great as the actual raw points either.

Mario's ability to light it up in games out of ahnd deosnt make him a dominant guy in all of those other games.

granted he is consistent and does score points in 63 of his 70 GP, compared to Feds at 64 of 77 so Mario's offensive consistency is better but the actual level of dominance is being overblown and by rather a lazy metric as well.

It's funny how Detroit's players get really criticized by playing on great teams and when it's brought up for guys that played for the Habs it's kinda shrugged off.

Feds wasn't a passenger on those Red Wings teams he was a catalyst and one of the 3 most import pieces on that team for well over a decade.

If guys want to take Mario as the ebst player in the NHL for that season fine but let's not exaggerate his ES play and forget that most of his value comes from being far and away the best PP player in the league that year.

Let's not also pretend that scoring 7 points in 2 separate blowout games, and some of those other points in the total of 16 games don't spill over to affect anything outside of those games either.

As for Sid's 10/11 season we can break that down in the top centers project and it won't hurt him as much as Mario in 96 for 2 main reasons. 1, in a lower scoring league points and goals matter more.( Sid has 2- 4 point games and only 7 3 point games and points in 35 of 41 GP overall).

The second reason is team mate support and how he stacks up as a two way player but like I said that's for the top centers project.

Yeah...I'm about done here.
Your goal posts are already too many zip codes away from where they started. If I continue to press, they'll soon be in a different country.

One thing I will mention before I go though...goal scoring in 95/96 was about the same as it was in Crosby's rookie season in 05/06 so lets keep it real eh

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