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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Yeah...I'm about done here.
Your goal posts are already too many zip codes away from where they started. If I continue to press, they'll soon be in a different country.

One thing I will mention before I go though...goal scoring in 95/96 was about the same as it was in Crosby's rookie season in 05/06 so lets keep it real eh
So the reality here is that you have no response to Mario's huge advantage and that alot of that advantage is piling up points in those 16 games and that the huge points advantage has no bearing outside of those 16 games?

Sorry but I gave some context to your assertion, either I've got a point or not, your lack of response indicates that there is little or no counterpoint.

Like I said I can see where guys take Mario over feds but it's a lot like taking Bobby Clarke over Espostio in the early 7o0's and I like my hockey players as complete as possible and your more likely to win games with complete players rather than more 1 dimensional ones, even if Mario's huge dimension in 96 was that PP prowess.

You brought up Sid in 11, why the 06 reference now? that's neither here or there as he's not part part of the thread but come on really?

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