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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
2 x 7 =14
4 x 5 =20
10 x 4 =40

I already alluded to Mario having better scoring consistency in a couple of posts ago so that's in favor of him.

At the end of the day Mario has 3 things in his favour in 96

1) by far the top PP player in the league
2) was the dominant point getter in the league but it's less than the actual raw gap due to these 16 games above, some of which is made up by
3) His consistency which was extremely high that year

I just personally don't think it's enough to overcome what type of player and year Feds had in 96

As a side not in the 13 games that Mario scored 3 points he was exactly a plus 4 over those 13 games, his 16 games with 4 points or more he is a plus 26.

The 2nd number is to be expected but the 1st really isn't IMO and sheds light to what I have been arguing in this thread.
Alright, so? What you are losing in this whole thing is that despite scoring 7 points in 2 different games that he was playing against NHL caliber competition either way. Just like everyone else. 4 times he had a 5 point game. Alright. 10 times he had a 4 point game. The Pens were 20th out of 26 teams in goals against that year. You don't think those 4 point games made the difference? Mario's dominance could have been the difference between a 6-4 win and a 4-3 loss. I'll give you an example, the best game he may have ever had was the New Year's Eve game in 1988 where he had 5 goals in 5 different ways. The last one was in an empty net. I believe the final score was 8-6 or something like that. Take away Mario's dominance and what are you left with? Probably a 6-4 loss.

Where exactly does scoring goals at will do anything BUT help your team win? Mario had 8 game winning goals that year. Not bad, but Claude Lemieux had 10 with a 39 goal season. Do we even need to ask who is more important and integral to winning between the two?

Do you know how many game winning goals Mario had in the 1991 postseason? 0. That's right, 0. He had 5 in 1992. But 0 in 1991. Does that mean anything? Well, when you scord 18 goals and 44 points during that run it's hard to imagine those points not translating into a ton of victories that your team wouldn't have had without you. Similar to 1995-'96. Do you think his 161 points didn't contribute to several wins somewhere along the way?

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