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05-13-2013, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Le CH View Post
Looking at buying a compact SUV in the near future but there really isn't anything interesting out right now... every manufacturer seems to be making similar vehicles with low ground clearance. Range Rover Evoque looks pretty amazing and has good clearance but I'm worried about RR reliability issues.

Anyone have any experience/advice about the Range Rover brand?
I think this has been covered to some degree previously.

Comments vary but there is some belief that if you can afford certain brands and are attracted to it, the reliability is a moot point.

Make no mistake Land Rover is **** from reliability standpoint. And check their service menus , you will need to sell organs just to pay for routine maintenance like brakes.

A buddy of mine, a millionaire, had an early 2000's Land Rover. It was a money pit and admittedly the worst purchase of his life. There's been press that the company has improved, but you'd have to take a chance to find out.

But if you can afford the vehicle I assume you can fork out $2K for some maintenance items every year and worry about the reliability problems as they surface.

I can't live that way, so I have Lexus in the garage. More conservative styling, bulletproof from reliability standpoint.

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