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Next year might count as a transition year between the vets and the kids. Will Bergevin makes bold move ala Brian Burke or will he just let Gionta and Markov contract expire. Get another year of Plekanec and Desharnais?

Galchenyuk to play another year as a winger to help a smooth transition.
Give more and more icetime for Eller. He needs to play power play a lot more.

Trade Gionta and Markov at trade deadline if the Habs are struggling to get something for them.

I would take a run at Clarkson this summer and Ryan Jones from Edmonton. A feisty player with good speed that is a good teammate. Can hit, can fight, can score some big goals.

I heard that Montreal tried to get Torres at the trade deadline so don't be surprised if Montreal sign him this summer. Could be a great move honestly. We keep saying we don't need player like this in the lineup but every teams have some and since the NHL doesn't really suspend that much for illegal hits, why not get our own "head hunter" to get a little respect over the league?

So either Bergevin goes all in this summer and gives the team to the kids or he waits for another year to let Gionta and Markov's contracts expires.

About Desharnais... I think it was a bad move from Bergevin. He signed him while Desharnais was "hot" so I think it was a little fast and reactive signings... He was going on to be RFA this summer and I don't think it was a risk to wait for the summer to give him a contract. It would have been a different one for sure... But Desharnais isn't the only reason why he struggled, his partner, Pacioretty, had some trouble too. The thing with Desharnais is that without physical partners that make up room for him, he's almost useless... ++ We've seen that it's even more true in the playoffs with the tight and physical play.

Future is really bright. What I would like to see is center line of:
Galchenyuk - 1st line center
Eller - 2nd line center
Plekanec/Desharnais - 3rd line center?

If I have to choose between Plekanec or Desharnais. I would pick Plekanec. He would be perfect as a third line center. Can play short handed. Can do everything on the ice and as a third line center without playing 20 or more minutes every game. I think he would look better. Of course he would needs some physical wingers too to succeed... Desharnais on the other end is tougher to trade right now... How can you justify trading a player you just sign?

So maybe:

2013-2014 season: Part with Plekanec in the summer before the season. He have some value and I know some team would love a player like at the right price and playing a lesser role.

2014-2015 season: Part with Desharnais at the draft or in the summer before the season to make the full kids turnaround. Get a third line center in our own farm or via UFA.

Now growing really impatient for the 2013 draft with our 6 picks in the first 3 rounds!!

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