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05-13-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
What other current owners in the league have paid for their own arena? What teams currently have free rent in the arenas? And there are options that could potentially be better then edmonton, it really disturbs me the attitude that edmontonians have that there's no place better for a hockey team then here. Especially when we're the most northern major professional sports team in North America. The risk comes when the economy totally tanks and people and business can no longer afford to go to hockey games here in edmonton, but Katz has to continue to pay huge salaries that were signed prior to a drop in the economy. If there were semi guaranteed contracts like the NFL I'm guessing Katz and NHL owners in general would need less support from the governments at all levels.
You keep banging the same drum here. So what if the Edmonton economy completely collapses in worst possible scenarios. IF that were to happen do you think for a moment that a non relocation deal would be worth the ink its printed on?

Like any owner in any pro sport in NA Katz would be looking for concessions/renegotiation/kickbacks etc as he cries about how untenable it is in the market and threatens to sell or fold the club unless he gets his way.

This ironclad 35yr agreement to keep the club in Edmonton is junk. Not worth anything and theres no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to pro sports contractual hijinx. The general history of pro sports in NA is owners always holding out their hands for more and more.

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