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05-13-2013, 01:01 AM
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This kind of thing is unfortunate but I think it's always gonna be there because the media is the media and that's what they do.

Here's a guy who I always saw and most people always saw as #2 behind Weber and now that he's in "the right state" as it were I'm supposed to believe he's the best. Hogwash.

I also feel like it's kind of insulting the way he was noticed by so many "Experts" on tv like his talent is a sudden revelation. I guess now that he's in Minnesota we can talk about him.

But like the former glenngineer pointed out, the media may be ignorant to the hockey world in Nashville but the fans of the sport are noticing, and I know this personal experience because I myself noticed. That's how I ended up watching the Predators and getting to know the Predators, and all you fine people. And to me the respect of the fans really means more than the respect of the media.

Of course the fans won't give Weber a trophy, but if they could, they would


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